Half lie

Looking away is amoral kind of a lie
Like the elephant death when spoke

Or mentioned in passing in epic war
Where cousins fight  half light’s end.

The half light is lie constantly spoke,
Blurred loose ends hanging in there

A pretension that tomorrow is hope.
Someone up there speaks a  full lie.

(In the Kurukshetra war a half lie spoken by Yudhistira about the death of an elephant named Aswathdhama leads to the death of an invincible Dronaacharya who lays down arms believing his son by the same name had been killed in the war)



Confusion about heads

We were confused in  single head
About Brahma’s number of heads

Including skull we saw in the hills
Loosely lying in the flowing  river.

Brahma had a fifth that looked up
In incest at a daughter of himself.

We were confused in single head
About heads – three, four or five

We have only a head that swivels
On the shoulders unidirectionally

With no view of what is up in sky.
We feed rice to our men up there.

Women at the water tanker

Ephemeral are waters formed
In snow hills melting by a sun

And the water in water tanker
Here over which fiery women

Fight in their diagonal throats.
Ephemeral things reach seas

From the hills and the tankers
And by women’s wet voices.

Their bodies thirst for waters
From mountains and tankers,

Their ephemeral voices break
The quiet of a morning walk.

The G’s

We try to picture great grandmother.
We did not know who our g.g.m. was

But would dream her in  holy thread
On  shirtless chest, a lump in throat.

Our sacred thread runs  left to right ,
And is reversed on chest right to left

And we have placed three rice balls
On a banana leaf with sesame seeds

For g.g.m,, g.m. and m. in that order.
As lineage grows , g’s go from them.

Mom’s watch

She was our mom , big mom
In green, fond of wrist watch.
She gives us mixers to make
Our truth and hers palatable,
Keeps ticking watch with her.

Let  watch be buried as truth
As men get busy with mixers.
They hear truth ticking below.
They come here in quiet hour
And keep ears glued to earth.

(Sounds were heard from the tomb of Jayalalitha former popular chief minister of Tamil Nadu,that turned out to be the ticking of her watch with which she had been buried)