Borra caves

It is as though I was there the other day.
Only they have grown bigger and taller
And their inner spaces more cavernous.

Remember I tried making pretty pictures
On their scraggy walls in stunning hues
To celebrate leafy arrivals of a silver oak

And jack fruits sitting heavily on barks
I drew lovely pictures of charging bison.
Our women danced dimsa all night long

As we drank cup after cup of palm wine
And the dappu shivered in rising frenzy.
Millions of years ago I saw this mountain

Gurgling to form a gigantic gas bubble
That has hid the parchments of ancestors
Who went beyond those tall mountains.

Some times I can see their dark specters
In the cavernous womb of this mountain
Clinging to the mossy roof upside down

They shriek out secrets of other-world
And of life beyond the mountain-peaks
That pile, one on other, on a sunny day.

(Borra caves are stalagmite and stalactite caves ,believed to be a million years old, situated in the Eastern ghats in Araku valley near Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh)


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