Somewhere in journey, under a banyan tree
I meet this stranger with a colorful headgear

Sitting heavily on his head, his legs swathed
In silk dress-cloth, torso decked in camphor.

I saw him come riding horse, sword in hand.
I decided to join aloft, in a  journey beyond.

I look back through  hoof-dust of his  horse.
Now my village is a  blur in those blue hills.

( A humanized representation of Lord Venkateswara the God of the Tirumala hills)


My brothers and joint wife

My brothers and joint wife ,we were
On our steepness with a faithful dog
But we were going down one by one
My own dog in tow and a joint wife
With our serial shadows and several.

When we would cut off our shadows
We would reach where girls danced
And light gods watched boring dance
With no eyelids, all day and no night.

Brothers would drop and joint wife,
When their shadows went after sun.
We two had our shadows behind us
I and the dog, that was my shadow.
It was difficult to separate shadows.

(The scene of Mahaprasthan in Mahabharata)

Saree fall

Our laundrywoman dies and darns.
She also makes sarees fall so well.
We ask please do not die, just fall.
Our sarees await their glorious fall
For their ensuing wedding season.

New sarees go up for wedding sale.
We fall easily for the silken rustle.
We need your fall, lady, do not die.
We wear the fall and we do not die.
In our silk sarees we fall headlong.

Earth horses

These are not made of effulgent light
That dissipates to the interior of west.
They are made of real earth to break.

Watch made- to- break horse smiles
As their faces break in a comic mirth
Of earth horses expected to fly a sky.

(Bankura in West Bengal is famed for beautiful terra cotta horses made by traditional craftsmen)

They had bells in their bottoms

In the sepia days the pants traveled
Far and flung in bell shaped bottoms

And the sides burned on hairy faces.
The pants went yellow and jacket red

In tinsel romance to dark-lined eyes
Lowered in instantaneous modesty.

Movies flowed sweetly into weddings
That had no foretaste of black gowns.

A motor cycle sputtered with a train
Singing of the brevity of life, in sepia.

(Bollywood movies of  the seventies)