Bet-Dwaraka island

Driven by defeat , man-god landed
In the island,where one would reach
By a ferry, in the western seas calm
Of waters, to worship to earn merit
Up there in sky-loft where we all go.

Man-god ruled this island and cows
For thousands years, his river flute
And women in shut eyes, kept us all
In thrall , a man-God who had ruled
Our atavism for thousands of years.

Man-God had run away from his foes
In the cow heartland, taking his flute
And his women to this distant island
Where he would be king and cowherd.

Man-God’s butter thief baby mouth
Opens galaxies from mere mud clods.
And we do not like  pretty feet shot,
Mistaken by a hunter for a tree bird .

(The legend of Krishna who is god whom we worship and man whom we love-the island is Dwarka in Gujarat to where Krishna is believed to have migrated from Mathura)


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