Acidic love

We hear the deep throat voice of a girl
Made faceless by  unwanted acidic love
As it slept on the roof under  full moon.

Face book can’t resolve her moon-face
But screams are heard across our roofs.

(An 18 year girl of Dhanbad, Sonali Mukherjee has lost her face to a vicious acid attack by a spurned suitor)


Eye of the needle

The tailor had an eye for his needle
That went in and out a cotton hole
As if it was his very own heart lung
Furiously beating in an old rib cage.

His needle had  eye for the thread
That went in like it was Bible camel.

Diwali is closing in with customers
For  dupattas amidst light crackers.
A needle has its catching up to do.

In some hills they do

It is what they do with woman bodies,
Says bra burning woman about bodies,
Bodies  stamped signed and delivered.

In some hills bodies are not stamped
But carry grass proudly on their heads
As if they are hills under a fresh grass.

As we ask them to the facetious faces
Who does it , now and day and night
They laugh their faces to say they do.