Brahma’s skull

Deep in snow hills is Brahma’s skull
In which he makes skulls for minds.

We have lost our minds holding skulls ,
Having held them too long on necks.

Now we offer living rice balls to men
Who had lost minds and their skulls.

(Brahmakapal (literally Brahma’s skull) in the Himalayas is where we invoke spirits of our ancestors to make ritual offerings to them.Brahma is the Creator God ,one of the Trinity with Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the destroyer)



Our village sky is cracked like an old woman.
Its smile crinkles like the old actress no more.
There is no water left in clouds for our thirst.

We have walked miles from villages for water.
Our mud walls are as cracked as our rice fields.
The walls hardly hold rice straw on our heads.

(Ghatkopar(Mumbai) has become home to hundreds of farmers and their families who have flocked from the drought-hit Marathwada region of the Indian state of Maharashtra. They have travelled hundreds of kilometres to this temporary settlement in search of work and water)